Matěj Krček

Hi! My name is Matej. I am 520339984 seconds old student, interested in modern technology & coding. Below you can see my projects. Check it out!


Sport Travel Agency - Go support your favourite team! Use Google Assistant app Sport Travel Agency to finding best travel connection.

Voice Ice Cream - IceCream menu editor + Google Assistant app

YOLANDA - My project for Deloitte for SingularityU in Prague about Prague airport

Voice Help - Google Assistant app helps you with some health troubles

Leo Interactive - Google Assistant app about Leonardo da Vinci

Počítadlo známek - helps students to calculate their new school avarage (in Czech)

Facebook Weather Chatbot (in Czech)

Facebook Personal Chatbot (in Czech)


DevFest organizer - a festival by developers for developers

Game coding (Python)

Coding mobile Android applications (Kotlin)

Robotic process automation applications

Coding applications on Google Assistant (TypeScript)

Designing Facebook ChatBots

Creating web pages (HTML, JavaScript)

IoT projects - Arduino - Smart Home (C++))

Střih a úprava videí

Own Micecraft server - over 3 000 active players

Speaker on Minecraft events in Brno and Ostrava

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