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Martin Krcek

Son Matej Krcek
student & Flutter developer, you can find on Matej's website.

AI Strategy, Implementation, Consultancy


Martin is an expert with extensive experience in conversational artificial intelligence.


He has led AI teams at AT&T, IBM, and organized the Global Voice Hackathon. He has worked on the implementation of voice assistants and chatbots for renowned organizations such as Electrolux, ComApp, Czech Radio and delivered workshops for O2, Google and CSOB. 

Currently he works at Vodafone where he implements artificial intelligence tools. 

He has lectured on AI and marketing in the UK, Spain, Israel, Germany and Poland. He is a certified Google Developer Expert.

AI Strategy and Implementations 


AI implementation
& VoiceBot

LLM, Azure OpenAI, Google Vertex


AI Team-lead

Winner of the global
AT&T Innovation Day


 AI Senior Teamlead
Voice & ChatBot


Voice & ChatBot

Artificial Intelligence - Workshops & Lectures

AI Workshops : done :-)

Evening dev hackathon
Google GenAI / VertexAI / PaLM

October 2023 | KUMST, Údolní 495/19 | Brno

Join us for the AI Sprint, an evening hackathon focused on getting acquainted with AI technologies from Google (Vertex, PaLM, and Bard).

Duration: 3 h

Price: 950 Kč

The workshop is available for purchase on SMS Ticket

AI ChatGPT for Marketing

Workshop Brno (already 12th in order)

June 2023 | KUMST, Údolní 495/19 | Brno

An intensive and practical ChatGPT (artificial intelligence from OpenAI) course for marketers!

This course (the sixth in the series) is designed for anyone who wants to learn about and use ChatGPT and other AI tools to increase the success of their brands. The course focuses on learning practical skills and techniques. 

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to effectively incorporate AI into their marketing strategies and create innovative and competitive campaigns. In addition, they will gain the ability to understand and apply AI in different areas of marketing.

The course develops from a brief introduction to AI and its application in marketing. Participants will then learn the first steps in using ChatGPT. They will then focus on branding, content marketing and design. Next, how to leverage these tools for social, campaigns, search, and email marketing.

At the end of the course, participants will learn about other areas where the knowledge gained can be applied - such as internal communications, customer service, human resource (HR) management, process automation, e-commerce, and website development.

Hey chatGPT - suggest me a campaign!

Spring campaign notes... this morning I asked ChatGPT-4 to design a zero budget campaign for my workshop on AI and ChatGPT. I am now following the steps every day, for 13 days. Here are my published questions, answers in the original ChatGPT version. I also add the results of the assignments.
See here... 

articles automatically written
and published by artificial intelligence

"Já, robot(I, Robot) magazine is a revolutionary way of creating content, as it is written entirely by artificial intelligence. The individual topics and articles are automatically generated by sophisticated algorithms created by OpenAI, specifically ChatGPT. 

This advanced approach allows the magazine to continuously update and expand its topics while providing readers with interesting and relevant content. In addition, even the images in the magazine are the work of artificial intelligence, specifically Dall-E 2. They are automatically generated based on the content of the article, allowing for the creation of beautiful and unique visual representations.

But what is most interesting is the fact that none of the articles are edited by humans. Thus, this project shows how far AI has come in content creation and how much potential it has for the future of the media industry. 

Video Lectures

Intensive ChatGPT video course for marketing specialists!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about and use ChatGPT and other AI tools to increase the success of their brands. The course focuses on learning practical skills and techniques. 

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How to set up an online shop on Shoptet

Set up and launch your first online store in Shoptet.

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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence - Workshops & Lectures


Mgr. Martin Krček

AI  Expert &
Google Developer Expert

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